AZWWA Membership Meeting
Saturday, January 25th, 2020
Coco’s Restaurant
2026 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Coco’s PH: 602-258-3821

For questions, please call 480-609-3999 or email at admin@azwwa.org

8:30am – Meet and Greet
9:00am – Guest Speaker: Bob Way, AZWWA Legislative Chair

Bob will be talking about the latest developments of numerous bills being introduced this year pertaining to groundwater pumping, drilling and other areas of our industry throughout Arizona. Please make an effort to attend this meeting and encourage others to attend because Bob needs your input going forward when meeting with ADWR, Legislatures and other parties involved in their decision-making process.

AZWWA Business Meeting will follow the Presentation.


AZ Well Owner Guide to Water Supply, 2nd Edition

The Arizona Water Well Association was formed in 1957 and reorganized in 1977 to become an effective voice for the state’s water well industry, continuously assisting members of the Arizona water well industry.

 Our objectives are to assist, promote and support the interests and welfare of all phases of the water well industry. To achieve these, we work to advance well construction and development methods and to advance the science of ground water hydrology. Harmony and cooperation are sought among contractors, suppliers, technical personnel and government agencies.

 To help meet these objectives, the Arizona Water Well Association offers members a quarterly newsletter (The” Well Said”), a membership directory, meetings, and educational seminars throughout the state. It has also created a state-wide public relations program.

The Arizona Water Well Association also assists in developing state licensing requirements and work on ground water and drilling controls.

savind act logThe Savings Act

Introduced in Congress in September, 2014, the Water Supply Cost Savings Act or “Savings Act” – is aimed at reducing the costs to federal, state and local governments in providing quality drinking water to millions of American living in rural and isolated communities by promoting cost-effective individual and community well water systems

More information about the “Savings Act.”

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